Mixed media on paper, A4

Pencil on paper, A5

Mixed media on paper, A3

Acrylic on paper, A3

This series primarily focuses on the impact of intrafamilial child sexual abuse on self-image; mental, emotional and physical health; sexuality; relationships and broadly communicate the contrasting aspects of self-loathing and self-love which has been prevalent throughout my journey. My aim in sharing the 'darker' images is to highlight the impact that child sexual abuse has on various stages of life, from childhood to adulthood while the 'lighter' images are acts of self-love through the process of photographing myself and drawing or painting different parts of my body of which I am no longer ashamed.

With the friendship and support of Belfast-based artist Trina Hobson, whose emotive, figurative oil paintings, feedback about my work, suggestions of artists and techniques and reminder that "art can be anything" I overcome the wariness I felt about the darker images I have created, which gave me the confidence to put them out into the world.