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Demo tracks

You think that you have loved me

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Home. A Song for Sudan

Home - Song for Sudan vocal.mp3

My musical journey

My musical expression took me by surprise in 2015, when I began writing songs by recording melodies on my phone and lyrics with no formal training and lacking knowledge and skills about musical notation or instrumentation. My songs are an eclectic mix of styles, including country, folk and rock. I predominately write love songs - ranging from self-love and healing from trauma; romantic love songs in an embrace of myself as a woman; and compassion for others and a love for the earth. It has been an absolute joy to share original songs with members of the OTH Collective in Belfast who bring their personalities to the songs through their instruments, while staying true to the meaning of the songs.

In 2020, I was invited by OTH Founder, Paul Kane to contribute a spoken word piece and song to the OTH album, ‘Isobars.’ Alongside being a source of great fun and enjoyment, being a part of OTH and the Isobars this project has helped me to accept myself and my voice as an artist and I am grateful for the support that Paul and Chip generously offer.

I am deeply grateful to him and Chip Bailey for supporting my musical development and overall artistic journey. Chip's ability to create and arrange music for the songs I write has given me the encouragement to trust myself as an artist.

I was delighted to be involved with the 'Wobble' track from the Isobars album. It was released as a single in March 2021 and includes my backing vocals and artwork for the cover. I am keen to support OTH through activities that promote female membership, intergenerational participation and music and mental health, alongside realising my personal dreams of releasing an album.

I am inspired by Dr Hyo Jung Sun's passion to enable equity in the creative industry, with a focus on investigating the challenges that musicians face to engage in financially sustainable music creation.

A major highlight was being a guest performer (also my first ever live performance!) on the Duke Special Gramophone Club and getting to perform alongside Peter Wilson aka Duke Special and Chip! I'm extremely grateful to have the support of such masterful and accomplished musicians.

In November 2021 I was delighted to receive an Arts Council Northern Ireland Ethnic Minority Award in support of my debut album of songs and spoken word that aims to destigmatise childhood sexual abuse (CSA), tell my survivor story and address the global crisis of violence against women and girls that is further fuelled by oppressive, orthodox and discriminatory structures that breed gender and racial inequality.