Wellbeing Resources

Juanita Rea Master's Thesis Presentation.pdf

Thanks to Amit Gupta, Anirudh Ashok, Raisa Gomes and various volunteers eduSOIL has created numerous educational resources that we have utilised in programmes in South Africa, India, the Philippines, Sudan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal and in Northern Ireland. We are are working towards publishing and selling these resources so these that we continue to ensure access to wellbeing materials that prioritise racial and ethnic diversity with a trauma-centred approach and are also seeking sponsors to continue to provide the resources to underserved communities where access to mental health programmes is scarce.

As a UNICAF Scholarship recipient, I completed a Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration through the University of Nicosia. This provided our team with the academic framework to ensure that our resources were relevant by measuring impacts on communities we work with. My research also had a personal impact on me. By investigating the impact of trauma on childhood development, I gained a deeper understanding of how domestic violence and intrafamilial childhood rape had affected my behaviours, self-image and overall wellbeing as well as how contemplative and creative practices continue to help me to manage trauma-related fears and anxieties, while helping me to face life's challenges with resilience.